Dr Stuart Myers


Continue to use your regular medications as instructed with a sip of water on the day of surgery.


If you are taking aspirin under your doctor’s orders (e.g. you have
previously had a blood clot, stroke, heart attack, etc) it is preferable that you
continue taking your aspirin unless specifically asked to cease it by me.

Vitamin E:

You should avoid medicines containing vitamin E for four weeks after surgery.


In most circumstances I do not stop Warfarin for straight forward hand surgery if the INR is around 2.

I am more concerned about the rare but catastrophic complications of Heart attack or Stroke than the small increased risk of bleeding or bruising after surgery.

Note most hand surgery is performed with a tourniquet which stops any bleeding at the time of surgery.


Take ½ your dose of insulin on the day of surgery.

Notify hospital staff that you are diabetic on admission to hospital. You may need regular monitoring of your blood sugar while you are fasting.

Where possible Diabetic patients will be operated on at the start of an operating list