Dr Stuart Myers

Make an Appointment


Appointments can be made by Telephone or Email.

Dr Myers initial consultation fee is $250.  You will receive $72-75  rebate from Medicare.

If you have an urgent problem requiring surgery please phone my  secretaries  Denise or  Georgia   directly on (02) 9650 4382 to make an appointment at any of the rooms.

For email appointments we will contact you during business hours within 24-hours to confirm your appointment time, date & location.


What to bring

- All Contact details

- Referral letter with a list of current medications

- All Xrays and scans

- Medical History Form, please bring both pages as a hard copy, or email the forms ( See Below).

Patient Acquaintance Form - Personal details need to be collected, please complete then print a copy or email the form ( See Below).

- These forms contain important questions about your background and nature of the problem that may impact on your treatment and clinical decision making.


Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the Medical History and Acquaintance Forms if you have not already downloaded and completed them below.

If you arrive without a referral please note that:

1.    You will still need to pay for the consultation in Full at the time of consultation. 
2.    A  receipt for medicare can  NOT be provided without a referral.
3.    If you can obtain a referral on the day of appointment a receipt will be provided and then you can claim a  rebate from Medicare.
4.    Please note Private Health funds do not provide a rebate on consultations.  


Downloading & Emailing the Forms:

Please download and complete both the Medical History Questionnaire (both Pages) and Patient Acquaintance Form with you when you come for your consultation, or email the form over an active internet connection.

1. Click on the link & select "Download"     1. Medical History Questionnaire (both Pages)        2. Patient Acquaintance Form

2. Once downloaded then select "Open" then

3. Fill in the forms and email them back to us with the email appointment form.   


To download a free viewer for these Adobe PDF documents,    click to download Adobe PDF Reader: 

Otherwise you may not be able to fill in the forms.


For appointments with Emilie Myers ( Hand Therapist)  follow link    SOS Physiotherapy