Dr Stuart Myers


What should I bring to my first appointment?

You need to bring:

  • A referral letter
  • Medicare Card or number
  • Private insurance details or card
  • Workers Compensation Claim number
  • Any Xrays, Scans or test results
  • A list of your allergies and medications if not provided by your G.P.
  • Address details of your referring doctor
  • Address details of any other doctors or physiotherapists that you would like to be kept informed about your consultation


How long will my appointment take?

The time of consultations varies greatly depending on the complexity of your condition and the need for further tests or an operation. You will be given a 2 page questionnaire to fill in when you arrive. This greatly assists Dr Myers to understand more fully your entire medical status rather than just details of you hand problem.

Your time is valuable and we make every effort to run on time or where possible to let you know if Dr Myers is running late.  As you can imagine, emergencies at the Prince of Wales occur that cause scheduling delays beyond our control.

Xrays and CT scans can often be performed immediately if required.

Other tests such as MRI and Ultrasound require a second visit.


What does Medicare NOT cover?

Medicare does not cover such things as the following...

  • Private patient hospital costs (for example, operating theatre fees or accommodation).
  • Medical costs for which someone else is responsible, for example, a compensation insurer, an employer, a government or government authority).
  • Physiotherapy or occupational therapy services.
  • The cost of prostheses.
  • Medicines.
  • Examinations for life insurance, superannuation or membership of a friendly society.
  • Private health insurance can be arranged to cover many of these services.