Dr Stuart Myers

Pre-op Skin prep

Pre-op Skin prep   


1. Clean under nails and remove nail polish

2. Remove jewellery from the operative side especially rings if possible.

3. If a ring can’t be removed and the surgery is not specifically on that finger DO NOT tape the ring to the finger.

If it can’t be removed by the patient or staff it will not fall off during the operation.  I will prep around it in the operating theatre.
The tape potentially stops the skin from being adequately sterilised.

In this circumstance the patient should be informed that if there is excessive post-operative swelling then the ring may need to be removed with a ring cutter.


4. Shave skin only for operations on the dorsum of the hand in hairy individuals.
Many operations Do NOT need a shave   eg Carpal Tunnel, Trigger fingers

5. If in doubt notify me.

6. Wash all dirt from the hands then apply Betadine wash and wrap in a green cloth loosely.  T
his will be removed when the patient gets to theatre to mark the limb and then a plastic bag containing Betadine will be wrapped around the arm.

7. Do not prep patients with Colles  fractures  who are already in plasters. It is often too painful to remove the plaster – This will be done once they are asleep.