Dr Stuart Myers


The following guidelines are for patients with Diabetes Mellitus presenting for surgery.

1. Bring your medications with you to the hospital.


2. Omit all oral hypoglycaemic medications (including metformin) on the day of surgery.

You will have to fast for 6 hours prior to your operation.

3. Every attempt will be made for your surgery to be performed at the start of the operating list.

4. Notify nursing staff upon your arrival in the hospital that you are Diabetic so that your blood sugar can be monitored every 2 hours.


5. For Patients on Insulin.

- Notify your GP or Diabetic specialist that you are having surgery.

- In general 1/2 your usual morning dose of insulin.

- If your planned surgery is likely to be > 1 hour duration (moderate to major surgery) you may need an IV dr1p with 5% Dextrose inserted on admission to hospital

6. All patients with Diabetes Mellitus are to RESUME NORMAL DIET AND USUAL DIABETES TREATMENT as soon as possible post surgery.