Dr Stuart Myers

Computer / Phone Requirements

Coviu Computer / Phone Requirements

It is really simple to get started with Coviu — just set yourself up with a computer that has a camera, a microphone and speakers.


- Desktop
- Laptop
- Tablet or
- Phone from within a Web browser or app (on iOS you require an app).

When using a phone you will have to lean it against something so your hands are free to participate in the consultation.

Also you need to be able to see yourself in the phone when the camera is on.

Web video conferencing hardware

- Webcam
- Computer speakers or headphones.

The built-in devices are best but you can use USB or Bluetooth devices

USB devices work more immediately but  Bluetooth devices work just fine, too.

Note - All modern laptops come with a built-in video camera, microphone and speakers and are thus able to hold Coviu calls.



Desktop machines — particularly work machines — may require addition of a Webcam and speakers.

Web Browsers

Google Chrome browser (49+)
Coviu also works in Firefox (50+).
Try to use the latest production browser as it will support all features.

Laptop & Iphone speakers are fine.

It’s best not to rely on built-in speakers of a desktop machine, because they usually sound metallic and  don’t have a high frequency range.

Any pair of external speakers — even the cheaper computer speakers — are a better choice.

Alternatively to external speakers, headphones or a headset will work, too. These are likely less distracting to your colleagues in a busy work setting.

Choose Bluetooth or a cabled headset at your preference. When using a headset, you will want to set your microphone input to the headset.



Second Screen

If you do a lot of video calls and do some really intensive cooperative remote work, we recommend adding a second screen to your computer.

This allows you to continue working on private notes while Coviu is running on that second screen. Think of it as one screen being your private

workspace and the second one the shared workspace.